During some pandemic downtime in 2020, I took an online course (thanks to the VPL’s lynda.com subscription) on basic graphic design and the main Adobe Creative Cloud applications. I have always had an interest in Graphic Design and typography especially, and though it had been a while since I had taken design courses (albeit for different media), I thought I would take advantage of having some (a lot of) extra time to learn some basics. I give this background as to explain that this is the first poster I have “designed,” and it came about as I was looking for projects to get design and software practice.

I was listening to a newfound (but not newly released) favourite song for the Nth time of the day—I think the concept is pretty obvious given its title. Needless to say, Hikaru UTADA-san will (hopefully) never know this exists, but it was quite fun to put together and to have a design-related project again. I started with a very, very rough sketch on paper, and because my Creative Cloud trial lapsed, I put this together in Affinity Designer.

An artistic stab at a rough translation for the chorus’ lyrics above might read
“Can you hear my voice? On Heart Station at 1 AM
A useless tuning dial for a secret frequency
Do you read the [radio] waves from my heart? On the sinner’s Heart Station
god only knows I miss you”

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