A place for personal projects, ideas and experiments, and fun things I wanted to share that don’t have to do with my work. Not all will be complete, but isn’t that the fun of this?



    During some pandemic downtime in 2020, I took an online course (thanks to the VPL’s subscription) on basic graphic design and the main Adobe Creative Cloud applications. I have always had an interest in Graphic Design and typography especially, and though it had been a while since I had taken design courses (albeit for… Continue reading HEART STATION Poster

  • 時間・場所 / Time・Place Process

    This is a supplementary post with the continued process and research for this playlist album booklet. See the finished project here. This was a project I did at home for fun, personal skill development, and out of curiosity. I really do hope physical albums, or some of their features and additional material, make a comeback… Continue reading 時間・場所 / Time・Place Process

  • 時間・場所 Time_Place

    時間・場所 Time_Place

    n.b. I created this in spring 2021, but am just now getting around to organizing personal projects on this site in early 2022. I spent a lot of time creating a playlist recently, and was reminded of buying physical CDs, and in particular the booklets and material that accompany them. I thought it’s such a… Continue reading 時間・場所 Time_Place

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