Duston Baranow-Watts (he/him)

Hi! I’m Duston Baranow-Watts. I currently live in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada. I am a project wrangler, communications coordinator, theatre & performing arts worker, and program facilitator. A personal branding workshop once had me distill my work into “creating multidisciplinary experiences with leadership and creativity,” and I like to describe my work as being the organizational eye of a creative storm.

I speak English and Japanese, read music, write lots of notes, and like to experiment with new tools. I hold a BFA in Theatre Design & Production from the University of British Columbia.

I’m passionate about computers & technology, intentionality in art and design, performing & experiential arts, knowledge, the internet, good coffee, and much more. I also enjoy cooking and eating, taking walks, swimming, and scrolling the depths of wikipedia.

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