Daruma Kuyō

Coordinated a live, outdoor event in Vancouver’s CRAB Park, including permit applications (Parks Board special events, Coastal Health, Fire/burn permit), scheduling, packing and pre-set list creation, and communications wrangling.

Provided technical direction and execution of an on-location, remote outdoor live broadcast of the full event to YouTube. Edited excerpts for final posting.

Live Stream Excerpt

Event Description

On January 15th 2022, the final cycle of Powell Street Festival’s Daruma Well Wishing campaign will take place in collaboration with elder Veronica’s sacred fire at CRAB park. In person or in spirit, join us as we place the 4000+ paper daruma in the sacred fire to complete the wishes of healing and wellness folded into each daruma by community members in the Downtown Eastside and across Canada. This Shinto ritual offers the final transformation towards healing as well as honours the ancestors of the land. Durational taiko drumming will accompany the event as we share in the ceremony. Food will be provided by WePress Community Kitchen.

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