Cooking Club Video – Concordia Language Villages

These videos were created during my tenure as a Marketing Assistant for the Japanese Language Village (Mori no Ike) at Concordia Language Villages. Part of my mandate for this position was to create simple Japanese-language learning immersion content participants could use while not at the program. All video below was scripted, edited, filmed, assembled, and delivered by Duston Baranow-Watts for Concordia Language Villages, and includes Japanese & English subtitles. As a language-immersion program and residential summer camp, all staff and villagers at CLV use “camp names” in the target-language; I refer to and credit myself as “Shou-sensei” (翔先生, “teacher Shō”) in these videos.

Aside from being a daily task, cooking is a hobby of mine and something I really enjoy, so I’m glad I was able to combine my interests in cooking, video, and the Japanese language with this opportunity.

Cooking Club: Dengaku Tofu | 料理クラブ:翔先生と田楽豆腐を作りましょう
Cooking Club: Ochazuke |翔先生の料理クラブ第二話:お茶漬け

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