The Sketchbook

There’s a new section under my “personal” tab on this website called Sketchbook! As referenced earlier, I’ve been thinking about the general content I put on this website, and feeling like it’s awfully work-focused. Part of this comes from a strong compartmentalization of my “work-self” or “professional image” and my “self-self,” but in an effort to represent myself as a complete person on my personal website, I created a new section for personal projects, ideas, and experiments. Many of the projects I take on in my free time compliment or benefit my work, some will without knowing it yet, and others are just interesting things I put work into that I just want to share with the web! Things will be added slowly, and may or may not be at the same level of polish as the things I do professionally (as implied), but I wanted a section that feels like me.

Check it out!

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