Beauty and the Beast

Scenic design for a version of Beauty and the Beast adapted by Lucy Kirkwood. Produced at Conservatory Theatre Ensemble (Tamalpais High School’s theatre program) in spring 2014

Design & Drafting Coursework

Coursework completed for a class titled “Design Graphics for Theatre and Film” at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2015.

The Glass Menagerie

Non-realized set design for Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, completed for a set design class at UBC Vancouver. Technical drawings produced in Vectorworks 2016 unless otherwise specified.


Set design paper project in progress for Seneca the Younger’s Thyestes. Completed for a set design course at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. All drafting done in Autocad 2014


Set Design Paper project for the opera Pagliacci completed for a course in Advanced Set Design at the University of British Columbia, 2018. Staged in the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House. All paperwork and digital renderings created with Vectorworks 2016.